Welcome, Store Owners!

A shop hop is exactly what it sounds like - customers hop around town visiting participating stores during single 3-day weekend.  We want you to be part of the fun.

Event Framework

Prior to the event, each participating store will spread the word through email, newsletters, guilds, Facebook and other social media, word of mouth, etc. Customers will purchase a $5 passport and receive a cool Austin Shop Hop logo printed shopping bag, an Austin Shop Hop map, a passport stamp card, and receive a 20% discount at each store they visit (you can make some exclusions, but you must have a majority of items available at 20% off). Customers will get their passport card stamped at each shop (getting a fully-stamped passport enters them to win prizes), and during each store visit they will be treated to your special razzle-dazzle, like special demos, make-and-takes, snacks. The week following the event, completed passports will be collected so we can select prize winners. Winners will be notified and their first name will be posted to the website. 

We now have two levels of sponsorship available for the Summer 2014 event happening July 25-17, 2014

Participating Store

  • This level gets your stamp on the passport and traffic through the door.
  • The fee is $475
  • Complete an application to become eligible to participate in the next shop hop. 
  • Application are due by May 23, 2014.
  • Store will be selected and notified of their status by May 28, 2014.
  • The fee is due June 6, 2014. Sorry, we do not accept partial payments.
  • Read on to learn about more about event details and timing.

Advertising Sponsor

  • This level of sponsorship gets you access to the Austin shop hop audience through a number of outlets.

  • The fee is $150

  • Advertising sponsors will have the option to include an item of value along with store information in the swag bag or contributing to the grand prizes.

  • Additional benefits can be negotiated.
  • Message us if you're interested in becoming an adversing sponsor.

Program Benefits

Coordinated Promotion

There is strength in numbers and you'll be included with the best fabric shops in town. This is a great opportunity to generate traffic with existing customers and get exposure to new faces. Remember, our goal is to get people talking, build community, and have fun. Our promotion strategy is the following:

  • Facebook and other social networks
  • Newsletters & emails
  • Announcements at local guild meetings
  • Emails to local guild members
  • Austin Chronicle events section (if possible)
  • Austin American Statesmen event section (if possible)
  • Feature story/coverage pitches to TV and print media (if possible)
  • Shop Hop Website and detailed updates as we near the event

Austin Shop Hop Materials Provided

We'll help you make the most of this opportunity by giving you a few tools to help make the event a success:

  • You can submit updates to be posted on the Shop Hop Facebook page - (For example: specials, demos, make & take during the shop hop).
  • Each shop will have the opportunity to be featured in an individual email leading up to the event. Email content will be scheduled weeks in advance, a schedule is provided below in the Timing and Deadlines section.
  • You will receive the customer contact information (name, phone number, zip code) collected during the event to use in future marketing efforts.
  • Your name and logo will be listed in the Map/Passport section of the website with a shop description and your shop hop specials.
  • You will receive a promotional PDF flyer, about the event, to print and share with your customers.
  • Loads of fabric loving and crafty shoppers will visit your store during the event.


Extended Store Hours

  • Access to stores through extended store hours is part of the exclusive access granted to passport holders. During the three day event you must be open the following days/hours: 
    • Friday 10-6
    • Saturday 10-6
    • Sunday 1-6
  • Sorry, no exceptions. If you cannot commit to remaining open during the requested hours let's talk about the possibility of sponsoring the event in another way.

20% Discount

  • You must be willing to offer customers a 20% discount on the majority of your inventory during the event.
  • We understand there will be some exclusions. Please limit exclusions and communicate clearly to set expectations before they go to checkout. 
  • We encourage special deals but we ask you strike a balance and not over-discount. 

Shop Hop Promotion

  • Be willing and prepared to promote the heck out of this event to your own customers.
  • Spread the word through email, social media and pre-event posters/bag stuffers. 

Participation Fee

  • The Shop Hop participation fee is $475 and is due June 6, 2013 . Cash, checks or credit card are fine. We will give you payment deets once you've confirmed your participation.
  • This fee covers the hard the hard cost of creating the event website and the supporting materials. 
  • This fee is non-refundable. If something comes up and you cannot participate please let us know and we'll do everything possible to work something out.
  • Payment of the participation fee indicates you agree to the commitments outlined on this page. 

Grand Prize Contributions & Swag Bag

  • The grand prize contribution is $100 retail value in goods and/or services. Examples are yardage, gift certificates, classes, etc.
  • Swag bags will be pre-stuffed and available in advance of the event. If you wish to be competitive, you can offer primo swag in the bags and normal swag for door prizes and in-store give aways. 
  • Examples of items are a fat quarter roll, needle cards, stickers, coupons, button pins, a tutorial card, tape measure, candy, etc. The more exciting you make it, the more enticement for folks to turn out to the event. 

Marketing Blurbs

  • Provide a store logo and a brief, but enticing description, of your shop and what makes your vibe and merchandise special.
  • The shop descriptions will be featured on the website and back of the Austin Shop Hop Map.
  • Let us know the specifics of what you carry and detail about what will be on sale (and any exclusions) 
  • Provide special parking instructions customers need to know about - we'll put the info on the website.

In Store Goodies

  • Considering doing something super special over the weekend to make it memorable for the shoppers - demos, door prizes, cookies, coupons for a return visit, fat quarters giveaways, buttons - all branded, of course.
  • Since this event is heavily reliant on driving we discourage offering shoppers alcoholic beverages.  
  • The founding members of the Austin Shop Hop assume no responsibility for anything that occur at a participants store during Austin Shop Hop.
  • Each store is required to have the requisite liability insurance to cover walk in traffic.

Timing and Deadlines

  • May 23 - applications due
  • May 28 - store will be notified of their participation status
  • June 6 - several key items are due 
    • participation fees 
    • site content is due: shop description, logo, fun fact, parking info, etc.
    • grand prize contribution (one or two items that total a retail value of $100)
  • June 23 - copy and images for feature email is due (brief and enticing info about your store, special sales happening for the Austin Shop Hop, demo's and unique activities, etc
  • June 23 - swag bag contents due
  • June 23 - PDF 'bag stuffer' available to stores
  • June 27 - Facebook blurbs - ongoing Facebook notices begin 
  • June 30 - Email campaign begins and runs through July 24th
  • June 30 - passport pre-sales begin 
  • w/o July 7 - store visits & check-in
  • w/o July 14 - supplies delivered to stores
  • July 17-19 - customers can pick up pre sale passports (not final)
  • July 30 - passports collected from stores
  • Aug 1 - prize winners selected
  • Aug 4 - prize winners notified, names posted to website
  • Mid Aug - post event meet up 

Respect & Friendship

The idea for the Austin Shop Hop comes from a place of love and community. It is in the spirit of friendship we ask for your participation and agreement to do your very best to make this event something special. We had a remarkably smooth run our first few events, but as with all things new there will be unforeseen glitches and we ask for your support and understanding as we work out the details along the way. 

Got A Question? Just Holler...

on't worry, we here to help make this event a success for you. If you need advice or ideas please contact us.

  • Angela Milliman, Bunny's Designs, cell (512) 537-1333, angela [at} bunnysdesigns [dot] com 
  • Margaret Udell, Form & Fabric, cell (512) 751-0648, margaret [at] formandfabric [dot] com

 Thank You! Looking forward to working with you.