Our mission is to foster a collaborative and successful sewing community in the city we live and work in - ATX.
— Shop Hop Founders (Angela, Margaret, Leslie)

It takes time and commitment to learn a craft like sewing. The same can be said for running a small business. To stick with it you need to understand from the beginning it's an endurance contest. You can't become an expert, or a success, overnight and if you go into it thinking that you'll quickly become frustrated.

The Austin Fabric Shop Hop, like any good ideas, took teamwork and dedication to get off the ground. Every sewing/fabric shop in Austin contributes something special to our super creative city. If you've lived in Austin long enough you might remember how we lost many of our independent shops years ago. We don't want that to happen again. Our goal is to work collaboratively with local shops and the sewing community to keep the love, and spending, close to home.

Want to know more, drop us a note using the say hello page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.