City Wide Open House, July 25 - 27, 2014

If you’re not familiar with the Austin Fabric Shop Hop our mission is to foster a collaborative and successful sewing community in the city we live and work in. After two tremendously successful organized events and requests from many stores to participate we decided to create an ‘un-organized’ weekend of shopping all stores, who want to, can participate in. 

We’d like to promote this informal event as a city wide open house. Stores interested in participating can plan and promote their own weekend sales & activities. Here's the break down:


  • The event date is July 25-27. All stores will share the same hours all three days (hours TBD)
  • This will be an unorganized event, meaning, no passports, stamps, shopping bags, prizes, or discount requirements – it’s all up to you.
  • We will promote the event so there will be a small fee to handle email promotion and update the website. This fee is $65
  • To participate, fill out the shop participation form (below)
  • Make your $65 payment here
  • You’ll be contacted about submitting your logo
  • Event promotion starts at the last week of June


  • JUNE 16TH:  Shop Participation forms & payment are due :: EXTENDED TO JUNE 23RD
  • JUNE 25RD: Logos are due, hi and lo res
  • JUNE 25RD: Details about what you have planned are due, if you want them listed on the site (examples, special sales, door prizes, demos, etc.)
  • JUNE 30TH: Save the date email goes out
  • JULY:  Guerrilla marketing effort by all participating stores. 

Shop Participation Form

Contact Name *
Contact Name
If necessary, how can we reach you by phone?
Location address, store phone number and any special driving instructions needed to find you.
Sometimes parking can be tricky. Provide special instructions, if any, to share with customers.
Give us an idea of how you will get the word out on the street.
Tell us what makes you unique.